Friday, April 3

Bike in A Box

Taped shut on the 5:12 Bart to SFO (so as to not wake the roommates with the soothing sounds of packing tape, which was actually soothing compared to the steal scraping of BART).

Air travel with bikes: I paid $100. They enter to charge $150. iPhone offered return in its investment when I was able to cite Continental's website. Their policy: bikes in boxes less then 62" in sum of dimensions are free. I offer $100 dollars to any adult who can put his frame in such a box. The couple ahead of me checked 4 strollers. Free. My bike weighed 30 Lbs.

On a domestic flight, I would bribe the curb baggage checker to put the bike through. I tried, but he can't check internationally. Let's hope it's still in four pieces in AMS.

-- Post From My Mobile

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  1. I'm learning a lot from this, and fully intend to pull that off some day. Seriously, right, one can't bring a bike but golf clubs are ok? bah!