Monday, April 6


We made it to Ghent. On the way here I realized that Belgium could be Illinois except the farmhouses are older, the architecture better, and there are bike lanes.

Ghent is lovely. It was the largest city in Europe through the middle ages save Paris, and now the tourists don't even come here. I have no idea why.

John and I are working on the details of a treaty whereby I carry some of his stuff and he buys me beer. Met some great and one less that great ghenters last night. I also have a new favorite beer, pictured below.

We played basketball with some kids last night. Belgians should probably stick to soccer. John owned them.

Beer, castles, and good people (all pictured below), that's what Ghent is about, so far as I can tell.

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  1. I wish Illinois woulda taken lessons from Belgium. Eff corn, grow barley and wild yeast. That said, I prob woulda monked it up then and ended up in monastery (and on a bike).

  2. How is it that you had never had Karmeliet? Shame, Walter. Shame.