Saturday, May 2


I am leaving AMS from an unusual station, Ams Zuid. To be sure I get it right for my early train, I dedicate several hours in my last day to locating the station. Still, I mannage to miss the high-speed ICE train, but in an unusual way: I was too early. I got on the train that was immediately before the ICE, a safe position to ask whether this is the train to Germany. As soon as I hear "I think not" the doors closed. I watched them announce the next train is to Berlin. I an trapped. After a fit of rage, the details of which are now irrelevant, I get off the train, see my error and head to Amsterdam Central station where I buy a new ticket and board a train from a conventional station. I am 2 hours late, violent. I only get over this failure days later.
I arrive in Berlin. Kreusburg is great. Weather is great.

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