Thursday, May 14

Bike to Work Day 2009, San Francisco

So many people on bikes this morning, I have to believe many were not going to work.  

The SFBC's energizer station on Market Street was a great place to drink coffee and people-watch.  In this photo, two City Supervisors, on City Planning Director, and Gary Fisher.  

Note that half of the Supervisors rode on tandem bikes with staff/partners.  I joined Supervisors Dufty and Mirkirimi here to ride to City Hall.  We led them down polk street, against the flow of traffic, without a bike lane to show them what their daily commute requires with the current state of SF Bike Lanes.  Passing the Polk Contra-Flow Lane would fix this problem.

At City Hall Supervisors Duft and Mirkirimi joined Supervisors Chiu, Chu, Campos, Avalos,  and Mar, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, DPW Head Ed Reskin, a spate of SF directors, and maybe 250 cyclists.  Every one of the officials in attendence, all expressed enthusiastic and unconditional support for every one of the 56 proposed bike improvements that the city is considering.  I look forward to them keeping their promises.  If they do not vote for each one, they are liars.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera (picture, badly, below) had the best shirt:  "One Less Lawer in a Car".

Celebratory drinks tonight at Rickshaw Stop.  Gary Fisher told me he would be wearing his new tweed suit!

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  1. This is a great post! I just started biking to caltrain the other, day, so it's good to read about bike traffic reform.

    you should import these into facebook, btw.