Wednesday, August 26

Interesting Seasonality

I've been playing with Google trends more than usual lately.

Last fall, on September 15, when AIG and Lehman failed, we wanted to read about it in the Wall Street Journal. But for the election, we sought our coverage from Fox News. You can see that we thought a lot more about bankruptcy, but it seems to be calming. But not in Nevada. Even if we weren't worrying about bankruptcy, it many of us had to skip our vacations this year.

The recession can be sad stuff, but sadness can is also seasonal. In the winter, we are a little sad, but those who are really serious are not sad about the weather.

Other things have an internet seasonality that is, in some years, blown entirely out of proportion.

Some trends that have funny shaped but consistent seasonality:
we stop looking for the last third of the year, but come new years, it seems we don't do much else. It makes sense that spikes are sharper in the upward direction than the downward direction. It's a shame you can't zoom more because there are very detailed blips that are common to every year. This is especially distinctive in the UK, perhaps contractual employment is more common there and tends to follow a calendar year.

Exactly what you would think. New Years. Maybe we just use the internet more in December.

Has a consistent structure that is interesting, pronounced, and which I in no way understand.

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