Wednesday, August 5

Soaring Rhetoric

I left my office for lunch and as i looked up to note how the weather had improved i noticed something unusual in thw sky: indeed it was a batsllion of skydivers careening to the earth pulling behind them "T-Mobile" flags. Sure, somewhere in Korea there is a factory of workers and somewhere in Missouri there is a town with a call center of customer service representatives. The livelihoods of these communities and their families surely require the successful promotion of T-mobile's new touch phone with google, but even trying to take seriously the social value of their enterprise i lost the battle not to laugh when the announcer announced over fireworks, as the last of 100 skydivers landed, that the T-Mobile touch with google had, with his touchdown, officially launched. U2's "Beautiful Day" blasted over Justin Herman Plaza. We were encouraged not to leave, but to go meet the brand ambassadors as they untied their parachutes.

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